The fishing harbor is not as significant as in the past, a lot of changes has passed since the port was established, and not everything has been positive seen with the eyes of the fishery.

But there are still boats based in Bønnerup and land their fish here and when it is season for different fisheries, e.g. mackerel, garfish, lumpfish and Norwegian lobsters, other vessels from other ports make Bønnerup their base, and the fixed nets stretches between their poles and into the water – often with a cormorant on top of the poles. But the harbor also has all the facilities a fishing port must have, here is an ice factory, landing crane, fish processing and exporting business and a fish shop, and the boat builders slipway is also ready to service the vessels. And fish still landed, by 2017, landings exceeded 228,000 kg worth over € 1,000,000.

So the harbor spirit is here, the little blue boats and their gear and the “Bønnerup suit” clad men also take their space in the harbor. The unloading quay is located along the north quay at the fish warehouses. Here you can see the fishermen land their fish and their way into processing in the warehouses.