A little history and current information on the Port of Bønnerup.


The harbor is owned and operated by the Foundation, Bønnerup Fishing Harbor and Marina, which was founded in 2015 by merging the two funds, which until then owned and operated respectively the fishing port and the marina.


The fishing Harbor

At the inauguration of Bønnerup Fishing Harbor in 1937, the fishermen and the other citizens of the city could rejoice in the great result of 20 years of hard work to establish a real harbor at the fishing village. Almost all the afore mentioned participated with a great deal of volunteering for the case.

The fishing harbor was the following 50 years the crankshaft – the lifeblood – at Bønnerup.

The fishermen and the other inhabitants have demonstrated a unique ability to see and exploit the opportunities that fishing and the port could provide.

The size of the resident boats has been increasing until late in the 90 ´, therefore it has been necessary to expand the fishing port. Thus it has been expanded in 1951, 1964, 1975 and 1997. The latest extension included an extension of the piers by 250 meters.

The facilities for the landing and storage of fish have been continuously modernized, so that the harbor now has an ice factory, refrigerated freezer compartments, crate dispensing, environmental space for handling hazardous waste etc. There have been up to 3 fish handling facilities at the port, but now there is only one. The number of resident fishing vessels was at its highest in the mid-70 ´ with 55. Now there are 18 residing fishing boats, not all of them land their fish here continuously.

During periods, fishing vessels based in other Danish and foreign ports use the port as a base. Despite the decline in the number of resident vessels and the value of the fish landings compared to the “good times”, the port’s management is confident that there will continue to be a significant fishery from Bønnerup, and therefore continues to modernize, renovate and maintain the facilities.

The marina

In connection with the pier building in 1997-98, a new West Pier was build. This created an area between the road to the fishing harbor and the new West Pier, consisting mainly of sand and shallow waters without drainage options. Furthermore, the fishing harbor would like to establish a repair dock for large vessels in the East basin, where the Small Boat Club’s (Bådelauget) floating bridges had been placed on rental basis since 1981.

Against this background, the idea of building a new marina on the reclaimed area arose and move the yachts there.

To build and operate the new marina at the beach commercial foundation was founded. Fund-Capital depositors were the Bådelaug, the Sailing Club, the Bønnerup Harbor commercial Foundation and the Nørre Djursland Community (now part of the municipality of northern Djursland).

The marina was built during 1998-1999, and as earlier, a great deal of volunteering was done. The Inauguration took place in August 1999, and the newly created Marina had room for 200 boats.

Large parts of the areas of the marina have been continuously built up with holiday homes, Fælleshus with harbor offices, clubhouse for youth sailors, tool sheds, toilet buildings, fish cleaning site, etc. and the port has been extended with bridges to fixed Guest sailors, most recently in 2013/14, where the basin north of the marina was renovated and transformed for the use of fixed large yachts. The Yachting Harbor is awarded “Blue Flag” every year by the Outdoor Council, and the management will also strive to fulfil the criteria to receive this award. There are now 255 seats in the size 2 – 7 m width in the marina, some of which are currently available. In each of the recent years the harbor has been run by about 3,500 yachters.

Other information about Bønnerup Harbor

In addition to operating a fishing harbor and a marina, the Fund’s activities in the leasing of buildings for commercial purposes and for areas for both residential and commercial purposes, including rental of seats for 7 wind turbines.

Primarily in the summer there are various entertaining activities at the harbor for both children and adults. These activities are largely organized on a voluntary basis

The fund has only one full-time employee, namely the Harbor Master. In addition, some employees have been employed part-time, so the number of man-years for the operation of the port is approx. 2.

The harbor’s motto is “Space for All”, and it signals, among other things, that fishermen, as well as landlords, guest seafarers and campers are welcome, regardless of size, etc.

Guest sailors and camper vans are welcome, regardless of size, etc.

In accordance with the stated motto, everyone is allowed to go on foot on the port areas. Visitors are, however, advised to take into account the commercial activities at the port and to help keep the port clean and tidy by not littering.

In connection with a few of the jubilees of the harbor, anniversary papers have been published. Some copies of this can be purchased at the port office at Vestre Mole.

In addition to ongoing maintenance and refurbishment, the fund’s management is currently working on the possibility of realizing two major projects, namely the establishment of retailing of groceries, etc. on unused areas near the port itself and the construction of a new facility building for both fishermen and sailors.


Foundation governance

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