The Bønnerup Fisheries and Marina Fund became a reality in September 2015 as a merger of Bønnerup Fiskerihavn and Bønnerup Lystbådehavn.

Bønnerup Harbor has an active fishing fleet, a large marina and an attractive business community. The harbor is located in a scenic area just off the Kattegat with lovely beaches.

Here, everybody thrives, both children with a desire for crab hunting, young people with a penchant for barbecue, adults with a penchant for nature experiences and grandparents with a not quite as strong physics and not least people with a penchant for fresh fish and a shopping trip in the harbour’s Business that often ends with “world” (read: Bønnerups) giant ice cream cone.

The business form is the commercial foundation, the board is composed of representatives from permanent residents, business, fishing port and municipal council. In addition, the Board of Directors has chosen to supplement with two members, elected by the board.

The daily staff consists of Port bailiff Niels Erik Nørgaard and Port Bailiff Elvin Nielsen. In addition, a part-time employee is a clerk, Tommy Jensen.

Contact information

Lars Mohr Christensen


Tlf. (+45) 2329 0760


Elvin Nielsen


Tlf. (+45) 2024 6522



Per Skjødt Hansen

Fishing association

Pia L. Christensen

Commercial representative

Kaj Jensen

Mooring Representative

Olav Nielsen

Mooring Representative

Hans Fisker

Norddjurs municipal counsil

Hans Husum

Norddjurs municipal counsil